Educator Aide Training (ECAT)

New Pathway to Work in a Childcare Setting (for Persons with Disabilities)


Module 1: Becoming an Educator Aide
This module provides an introduction to working in the Early Childhood Setting. Topics include the roles & responsibilities of an Educator Aide, the roles of Early Childhood Professionals and Effective Communication & Interpersonal Skills with Adults and Children.

Module 2: Child Development & Guidance
This module equips trainees with a basic understanding of children’s developmental stages and how children learn. Trainees will learn about the different behaviours, learning needs and socio-cultural background of children, as well as the strategies in managing children’s behaviour.

Module 3: Aesthetics & Creative Expression and Motor Skills Development
This module explores the Expression of Art, Music and Movement, and Motor Skills Development in the Early Years. It covers the elements and strategies of these learning areas.

Module 4: Caregiving Practices for Children 0-8 years
This module gives trainees exposure to the daily caregiving routines, schedules and transitions for children. It covers the different types of caregiving routines tasks, the steps involved, and the Dos & Don’ts related to implementing the daily routines and schedules.

Module 5: Apply Basic Health, Hygiene, Safety and Nutrition Practices for Children 0-8 years
This module identifies the health requirements, issues and concerns relevant to children 0 – 8 years. Trainees will learn how to provide support to the needs of children in these aspects (following the centre’s Standard Operating Procedures). Topics covered include the basic infection control guidelines for children, safe and hygienic food handling practices for children, and how to respond to signs and cues of children’s illness, incidents and accident

Fees (Before GST)

Per programme: S$3500
Total Cost: S$7000

Singapore citizens may receive financial help on fees if they meet eligibility criteria.


Trainees will undergo assessments in the form of individual and group projects, quizzes, oral questioning, role-plays and practical performances.


Award of Certificates


Certificate of Attendance (for each module)
For trainees who have attained ≥ 75% attendance


Certificate of Achievement (for each module)
For trainees who have attained ≥ 75% attendance, and passed all assessments

Trainees who have successfully attained Certificates of Achievement for all 5 modules at Fundamentals level and Specialist Training level will be awarded an Educator Aide Training Certificate (full certificate) in Early Childhood Care and Education.

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