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Presbyterian Community Services (PCS) is a social service agency registered with the Commissioner of Charities and a member of the National Council of Social Service.
Currently, we have 17 touchpoints spanning across the island.

About PCS

PCS is one of the foremost providers of preschool education and has a wide range of services such as infant care, childcare, special needs [services] and eldercare services, including a special needs school, residential home for teenage girls, youth-at-risk programme, emergency relief scheme and other services to meet the multi-generational needs of the population.

PCS is an appointed partner operator for child services and specialises in integrated childcare for children with special needs. PCS is also a foundation member of St Luke’s Hospital.


That we will honour and magnify the name of our Lord through the services of PCS


To meet the challenges and needs of the community in Christian witness to touch lives.

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Organisation Structure of PCS and Affliation with PPS

The Executive Boards of PCS and PPS serve on a voluntary basis. They are neither shareholders nor paid any director’s fee. PPS was incorporated as a separate Company Limited by Guarantee on 17 August 2021 with its own independent board and management to grow its preschool services and heighten service quality.

PCS Board

PPS Board

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PPS Management

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22 july 1975

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