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Emergency Relief Scheme (ERS)

Gerontological Social Work and Counselling

Emergency Relief Scheme (ERS)

The Emergency Relief Scheme (ERS) provides short-term relief to individuals and families in need of temporary financial assistance, regardless of race, religion, or nationality. The scheme enables them to meet their immediate needs while they seek long term help from other sources. Applications make take at least 2 to 3 weeks to be processed.

The main eligibility criteria are immediate financial needs arising from sudden death, imprisonment or illness of the primary or secondary wage earner, lack of family support e.g. abandonment of the family/elderly parents by a spouse/children.

For enquiries, please email to

Our Beneficiaries of ERS

Eric (pseudonym)

The applicant was a young man who met with a road accident, just months after he got married. The accident left Eric with multiple fractures. He had undergone several operations, and there was a possibility that he might need even more. His injuries would take him a few months to heal completely and Eric would require rehabilitation to strengthen his functional abilities.

During those months of recuperation, Eric benefited from Presbyterian Community Services’ cash assistance, which tided his family over the difficult period. The cash assistance allowed the family to meet their daily needs due to his sudden loss of income.

The family is grateful to Presbyterian Community Services for the kind assistance and support during their most difficult period. Currently, Eric is making efforts to return to work and hopes to get his life back on track again.

Gerontological Social Work and Counselling

Our social work and counselling team provides early detection and intervention work to support the seniors living within our service boundaries.

These include:

1. Early detection of at-risk seniors,

2. Information and referral for social care services,

4. Providing case management support for frail and vulnerable seniors.

We support our seniors through our Active Ageing Centres at various locations.