Our Heritage

How We Started

The setting up of Presbyterian Community Services (PCS) was first initiated more than 40 years ago by the Presbyterian Church in Singapore. PCS began in 1974 with the establishment of Heng Teck Centre – its first – with play nursery and Kindergarten classes.

History and Services


The Presbyterian Community Services (“PCS”) was registered 22 July 1975 as a charitable body under the Charities Act (Cap. 37. 2007 Rev Ed.), and a Full Member of the National Council of Social Service since 1985. Though PCS is a Christian organization, services are rendered to the needy regardless of race or religion and without prejudice.


PCS is a well-established social service agency with over 45 years of dedicated care to the needy in the community. It began in 1974 with the establishment of its first centre offering play nursery and kindergarten classes. Today, PCS has grown, with 27 centres providing services spreading all over Singapore. The wide range of services such as infant care, child care, student care, integrated education for special needs, special needs education school, residential home for teenage girls, youth-at-risk programme, eldercare services, community befriending programme, emergency relief scheme and other services have given PCS the opportunity to attend to the multi-generational needs of the population.


Beginning with a playgroup, PCS had since set up 11 childcare centres. All centres have been awarded by Early Child Development Agency a second 5-year term as Partner Operator and are all SPARK Accredited. Apart from providing preschool education in our childcare centres, PCS has established itself in providing educational support programmes for children with special needs or learning needs. NCSS has recognized PCS as a Centre for Specialization in the Integrated Child Care Programme and MSF has also selected PCS to run the Development and Learnng Support Programme.


In the area of eldercare, PCS seeks to encourage purposeful and dignified ageing-in-place with our services and programmes. Through our various touchpoints in the community, serving seniors in the Active Ageing Centres (“AAC”), Seniors Activity Centres (2 more transiting to AAC), Maintenance Daycare Centres (“MDC”), Community Outreach Programme for Elderly (COPE) and Community Befriending Programme (CBP), we are serving more than 4000 beneficiaries.


In addition, Dorcas Home Care has been set up by PCS to provide meals to homebound and frail seniors as well as provide other home help services like medical escort, laundry and housekeeping to these seniors.

In late 2021, PCS has been awarded the Interim Care Services by MOH to provide temporary support to seniors who are discharged from hospitals and awaiting longer term domestic or institutional help.


Beyond managing activities and programmes, PCS has a team of Gerontological Social Workers, Associates and Counsellors actively serving our seniors in our AACs, SACs and MDCs. These professionals are stationed in our centres to provide social-emotional support to the seniors. They are part of our frontliners to detect early signs of trouble and provide timely intervention.


In the area of student/youth services, Gladiolus Place (former Andrew & Grace Home) was setup in 1998 as a residential home for teenage girls. A safe home for young girls who are facing or at risk of abuse, neglect, and delinquency. Like gladiolus flower, clothed in strength and honour, the girls are nurtured to be women of dignity, contributing meaningfully in their own ways to society.


In 2002, Grace Orchard School was setup for the purpose of offering special needs education to students aged 7 to 18. The school has just moved temporarily into a holding school so that the site at Jurong West Street 52 can be redeveloped for more space to meet the growing educational and vocational needs.


The student enrolments has grown beyond the capacity of 400 and hence, MOE is planning to construct a new school with 2 campuses (Junior & Senior Campuses) to accommodate the growing demand in enrolment in the western part of Singapore. The 2 new campuses will be operationally ready in 2026.


Currently, PCS operates 2 student care services. One is located in Grace Orchard School for students with special needs. The other is a community-based student care centre sited in Pasir Ris Street 01 as an integrated community-based student care.


A path breaking project initiated by PCS is the provision of a structured training for girls with special needs to work in a preschool setup. It started with a collaboration with Grace Orchard School to place students for work exposure in our childcare centres. Today, the training has been expanded to girls who are 19 years old and above. This Educarer Aide Training (ECAT) has opened a new career pathway and is supported by SGEnable. It first received the MOE-NCSS innovation award in 2018 and subsequently, awarded by SGEnable the Employers Enabling Award 2019 (Innovation). CNA Insider too, has featured a documentary on this innovative initiative, ”A Special Kind of Teacher”.


Providence Care Centre was setup in 2014 to support students from the low income families in Jurong East. The centre runs literacy programme, structured tuition, and youth programmes that focus on character building and leadership development.


PCS has also put in place an Emergency Relief Scheme to help families who need short-term financial assistance. The scheme is administered by our Social Workers and since inception, PCS has provided more than $1.5 million of financial assistance to the needy.


PCS networks with many organisations to share experiences and knowledge, and has an open mindset to collaborate with like-minded partners to setup new projects. PCS is a foundation member of St Luke’s Hospital, and instrumental in initiating the founding of Presbyterian Care Singapore-Network (PCS-N). PCS too, had a 10-year collaboration project with NUHS Department of Psychological Medicine to pilot the Dementia Prevention Programme at TaRA@Jurong Point.


On 17 Aug 2021, PCS incorporated the Presbyterian Preschool Services (“PPS”) as a Company Limited by Guarantee. This is a requirement by the Early Childhood Development Agency for PCS to be awarded the Partner Operator in 2020 for a 2nd term. With a dedicated team led by Mr Lim Ee Tuo, the Executive Director for preschool services, there can be greater focus to grow the early childhood ministry and heighten its service quality.

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