Mobile Outreach to Youths in Jurong (Stewardship Report 2022 – 2023: Crossing Frontiers)

Since March 2021, Providence Care Centre (PCC) started collaborating with Youth Guidance Outreach Services (YGOS) – another youth services organisation – to combine both their outreach efforts to youths in the vicinity of Jurong.

The acoustically-treated music room in PCC (Blk 372) provides a conducive environment for youths to pick up instruments.

Providence Care Centre, located at Blocks 372 and 341 Jurong East Ave 1, offers programmes for youths including but not limited to music
lessons and tuition. The centre is equipped with an acoustically-treated music room in one block. A game area, complete with video game consoles and board games sits in the other block.

In May 2023, an electric van sponsored by SP Group and staffed with YGOS Youth Workers, Counsellors, and Social Workers was set up to visit ‘hot spots’ where youth-at-risk tend to be — places in Jurong where young people have been spotted loitering. This boundary-defying
initiative was launched to bring care services to the doorstep of troubled youths.

“Outreach should go beyond the four walls of a centre to reach youths where they are,” says Mr Peter Quek, manager of Providence Care Centre. “Coupled with the facilities at our centre, we believe that the mobile activity van will help us reach more youths in our community.” 

A team set up by YGOS to run this new programme befriends the young people, identifies those at risk of getting involved in vice or at having mental health problems, then links them with social services for their needs. Using PCC as their base, YGOS successfully engaged 120 youths in the Jurong East and Taman Jurong vicinity in its first 6 months of outreach. “Initially, the facilities  will draw the youths, as the glass doors of the PCC premises allow them to see the exciting games and activities inside. In the end, they stay and form deeper bonds because of the relationships we form with them,” says Sean Ravie, the YGOS Social Worker and Team Lead of the mobile van outreach.

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