Strengthening Ties and Encouraging Hearts at our Corporate Learning Day

Our staff from various departments and centres gathered on 4 April 2024 at Katong Presbyterian Church for a special corporate learning day event. The theme for this year was ‘Strengthening Ties, Encouraging Hearts’, emphasising the need for our organisation to come together, and was fully organised by our interim Executive Director, Mr Lim Ee Tuo.

After starting the morning with worship and prayer, Mr Lim formally introduced himself to everyone in a witty presentation, talking about his life story and how it led him to PCS. Mr Lim also shared the personal dreams he had growing up and how they differed, and invited them to share their own dreams in groups at tables.

With everyone abuzz in discussion, Mr Lim invited a staff member from each table to share their dreams with everyone. What the staff took away from the sharing was about the importance of reconnecting with one’s younger self to discover the passion behind the dreams of the past and to seek how to meaningfully fulfill them in the present.

In the next activity, the groups the groups had a brainstorming session and answered four questions that were posed to them:

  • What do you hope to achieve at the end of the day?
  • What difference does our work make to others (What will be missing if I was not at work)?
  • How will you describe your organisation to others?
  • What is our work NOT?

The responses provided by every group were as unique as they were diverse: Our staff heard from each other about their jobs, and their departments while also encouraging reflect on their role in the organisation.

Some of the staff members also gave a presentation and shared about the specifics of their departments: Mr Tristan Gwee, the Assistant Director of Seniors Services, emphasised the importance of the Senior Services department, given the context of Singapore’s ageing population, tying the work back to the Mission and Vision of PCS. He also shared the key focus plans of the department for the Financial Year 2024.

Additionally, Mr Yang Yam Seong gave his presentation on the daily operations of PCS’s Active Ageing Centres and Maintenance Day Cares, and the level of organisation and operations it entails.

Mr Michael Foo shared about the services that DORCAS provides, and went into details on each. Ms Karen Bay, Ms Toh Xiu Yong and Ms Huiting Li shared about the scope of PCS’s services to the special needs community through, highlighting the collaborative effort from partnerships with other churches that aid in the effort.

Following the presentations, our then-former Executive Director Mr David Lim proceeded to share about the history of the organisation of PCS, and placed great emphasis on the Vision and Mission, stating that the person who wrote them was “very outward looking”. Mr David Lim encouraged the staff to look at how our work will benefit the community, instead of seeking merely for how the organisation can benefit, 

At the end of the speech, Mr David Lim stated that PCS’s Vision and Mission could be best summarised as “Honour God; Bless the community”, emphasising that work at PCS is “more than just a job”.

In another fun yet meaningful activity, we were tasked look through holes at the bottom of the cups for look for star-shaped stickers that had been placed around the location.

Much like how attempting to look through the eye holes through the limited space was not only frustrating but also impeded us from our task, the activity served a reminder for each of us not to be tunnel-visioned while carrying out our jobs.

Groups were then given stickers to paste on the responses from the previous brainstorming session that they agreed with the most!

To cap off the event, Mr Lim led in an acrylic pour-art activity, demonstrating just how certain sporadic techniques could produce such visually captivating designs!

This gave the opportunity for our staff to in touch with their artistic side, even if it meant getting slightly messy in the process.

As the event drew to a close, each of our staff came away with a better understanding of each others’ line of work, scope and role within the organisation. True to the theme of “Strengthening Ties and Encouraging Hearts,” it is hopes that the corporately learning day left with a greater sense of each other’s work, facilitating the questions needed for everyone to share with each other about what we do on a regular basis, from the personal ambitions of our dreams to the shared reality of PCS’s Vision & Mission.

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