I’m Not Alone Anymore #EasterAppealStory2021

Mr Seng (not his real name), age 65, stays in a one-room HDB rental flat in Jalan Bukit Merah. He was living with his parents until they passed away more than 20 years ago. He has not been in contact with his siblings. Being not fluent in speech, he has few friends in the neighbourhood.

Recently, he came to Sarah Seniors Activity Centre (SAC) seeking for assistance. Our social worker did a home visit and it was discovered that he was facing many pressing issues such as hoarding, bedbug infestation, and financial issues. He had rental arrears and outstanding SP bills. After working for many years as a cinema ticket taker, he retired in 2016 with no savings. His financial management is poor and he has been taken advantage of by unethical salesmen on several occasions.

Our social worker got in touch with his nephews who agreed to help settle his arrears.

Subsequently, our social worker assisted Mr Seng in applying for the Pay as You Use (PAYU) metering scheme to better manage his utilities expenditure. However, there were instances that he had forgotten to top up his account and as a result, his power supply would get cut off. Our social worker eventually assisted him to revert back to the monthly payment mode of his SP bills using his U-save voucher.

The staff from Sarah Seniors Activity Centre engaged pest control professionals to get rid of the bedbugs in his house. The staff also arranged for volunteers to come in to declutter the house, as well as to clean and paint the house.

Mr Seng now receives a regular payout from his CPF that meets his retirement needs. The staff continues to update his nephews on his well-being. Mr Seng now regularly joins in the SAC activities to keep himself active and healthy.




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