Help more older couples strengthen their marriages! 帮助年长夫妻巩固婚姻关系 #MidYearAppeal2023

Mr Chan and Mdm Khoo are regulars at PCS Presbyterian Eldercare @ Potong Pasir (PEPP). PEPP is one of our two Maintenance Day Care (MDC) centres providing subsidised day care services for elderly while their family or caregivers are unavailable during the day. 

Having been married for 53 years, Mr Chan and Mdm Khoo know and love each other best. However, when they had to stay at home all day during the Covid-19 period, they began to experience more friction with each other. Mr Chan also had a leg injury during that time, which saw him becoming more dependent on his wife.

Their children decided to enroll them in the MDC near their home. PEPP became a neutral zone for the couple to meet other friends and have their own personal space and time. 

An outgoing person by nature, Mdm Khoo liked how the MDC gave her many opportunities to hone her dierent interests. Mr Chan, an introvert, gradually warmed up to the new environment and people at PEPP too. He also discovered a love for the game Rummy-O, a more mentally stimulating alternative to his previous pastime of watching TV programmes.

Your donation through this appeal enables PCS to provide a suite of services to clients of all ages, including those like Mr Chan and Mdm Khoo.

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