Give youths with special needs the joy of serving seniors! 让特需青年有照顾长者的喜乐 #ChristmasAppeal2023

In Aug 2022, Desmond enrolled in the Eldercare Aide Training programme (EdCAT), run by the PCS Institute of Special Programmes and Continual Equipping (iSPACE). EdCAT is a joint effort of our Special Needs Services and Seniors Services to prepare persons with mild intellectual disabilities to work in the eldercare sector.

I believe that those like Desmond can contribute positively, and make a difference in the lives of the seniors here,” says Mr Yang Yam Seong, the Centre Supervisor of Presbyterian Eldercare @ Potong Pasir where Desmond was posted for work attachment as part of the course.

For the past 8 years, Desmond worked as a centre aide at one of our senior centres. Through this course, he has gained a newfound confidence and appreciation for working with seniors.

“The seniors felt closer to me because I had more opportunities to interact with them, while I did their vital signs monitoring and assisted them in activities. I began to smile and speak more with them,” says Desmond. EdCAT maximises the potential of those with mild disabilities and contributes much-needed manpower to the eldercare sector.

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在2022年八月时,Desmond开始在《长者 护理学习班 》EdCAT学习以《长老会社区服务》旗下 iSPACE 承办的培训班。EdCAT不但使到轻微智障青年的潜力充分发挥,也减缓长者工作人员缺乏的压力


杨主管分享,“我深信像Desmond的人能够在长者的生命做出贡献。”Desmond 是在杨主管的《长老会长者护理中心》接受实习。

Desmond已经有在长者中心八年的清洁工作经验,加上新的学习知识便使他信心倍增地服务长者。“现在我和长者的互动机会越来越多,共鸣也越来越深。在日常活动和健康数据测量的过程中,我和长者之间的沟通欢笑更精彩了。” Desmond 高兴地分享。

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