Give more elderly the freedom to age-in-place 让更多的老人有居家养老的自由 #EasterAppeal2023

Mr Wee is 101 years old and still mentally alert. Although he can move around unassisted, his legs get tired easily which puts him at risk for falling.

Therefore, he cannot leave his house to buy meals on a daily basis.

Moreover, he has begun to feel lonely and purposeless as his wife and child have passed on for many years. “I believe in God, so I do not dare to take my own life. But I am ready to go any time,” Mr Wee lamented of his long years.

Fortunately, Mr Wee is a beneficiary of the Meals on Wheels (MOW) programme by Presbyterian Community Services’ (PCS) Dorcas Home Care Service.

As Meals on Wheels (MOW) takes care of Mr Wee’s daily meals, he now has the freedom to live out his sunset years in the familiarity and comforts of his home.

Mr Wee gladly shared: “I like to walk around my neighbourhood once a month. I often sit outside my door and enjoy watching people passing by too,” says Mr Wee. MOW fulfills the “last wishes” of such seniors to retain some control over their final stretch in life.

Please support PCS, so we can help more beneficiaries of all ages such as Mr Wee.

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今年101岁的 Mr Wee 还精神警觉。虽然 他能独立行走,但是很容易疲劳,腿脚发软,稍微一个不当心,就很容易摔跤。因此他不能每天自己出们买饭

此外,Mr Wee 的妻子和孩子已经去世多年,他也开始感到孤独和无所作为。“我信仰上帝,所以我不敢结束自己的生命,但我心里已准备随时离开这世界,”MrWee 说到。

幸好,Mr Wee 是 PCS Dorcas Home Care Service 膳食派送服务(Meals onWheels)的受益人。由于 Meals on Wheels 提供 Mr Wee的日常膳食,他现在可以自由地在熟悉和

“我每个月都会在我的邻里附近走走。 我也喜欢经常坐在门外看着路过的人, ”Mr Wee 说。Meals on Wheels 满足了这些老年人的“遗愿”,即对他们生命的最后阶段保留一些控制权。

请支持PCS,让我们能够帮助更多像 MrWee 和不同年龄层的人士。


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