Enable seniors to age meaningfully in a community! 让乐龄人士在社区里度过有意义的晚年!#CNYAppeal2024

Life for Mr Thangamani, 76, was a vicious cycle of conflict with his wife and drinking. Things took a turn for the worse when he needed a wheelchair to perform daily tasks due to diabetes. 

It felt like I hit a dead end in life. I had nothing to look forward to and the loneliness was crushing,” shared Mr Thangamani. 

After staff at PCS Esther Active Ageing Centre (AAC) discovered his situation during a visit to his home, the social worker at the centre signed Mr Thangamani up for our Befriending program. Together, as a team, the staff supported and patiently helped him find belonging at the centre.

Mr Thangamani started with basic English classes and quickly developed an interest in other active ageing programmes at PCS Esther AAC, such as the conversational English class, Music Movercise, monthly haircuts, and even a fruits festival. 

Today, Mr Thangamani has made so many friends at the centre that he no longer needs the Befriending program! His relationship with his wife, who now joins centre activities as well, has also improved. 

Our AAC staff are dedicated to monitoring and improving the wellbeing of the elderly. Your donation will help in the provision of our full suite of services (see overleaf), including the AACs.

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    《长老会社区服务》以斯帖活跃乐龄中心 (PCS Esther AAC) 职员探访Thangamani先生时,发现他的情况就让中心的社工员替他报名参加《交友计划》。经过 PCS Esther AAC 的职员耐心的聆听与辅导,渐渐的让他在活跃乐龄中心找到了归属感。

    Thangamani先生从基础英语课开始,很快就对 PCS Esther AAC 活跃乐龄节目产生了兴趣,尤其是英语会话课、音乐节奏运动、每月剪发,甚至还参加了中心举办的水果宴。




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