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“We are going ‘gai gai’ again?” asks Mdm Lee when she sees our staff coming together to escort her for her medical appointment. her for her medical appointment. She would break into a smile each time, looking forward to a chance of getting out of the

Mdm Lee, 55, is single and stays alone in a 3-room flat left by her parents. She stopped working as a factory operator 20 years ago to take care of her sickly parents and sister. Her father was on kidney dialysis and passed on in 2009, and her mother had diabetes and passed on in 2012. Her sister has depression.

Since young, Mdm Lee struggles with epilepsy. Mdm Lee had to undergo surgery in 2013 for spinal cord compression. She stayed in a nursing home after her operation but wanted to move back home in 2017 to be with her sister. However, her sister had already moved into a nursing home. Three years ago, she was also diagnosed with diabetes.

Mdm Lee continues to suffer from lower limb weakness and unsteady gait. She has to take short breaks while walking with the aid of a quad stick. Eventually, Mdm Lee faced difficulties with preparing her meals and going for her medical appointments. She was referred to us in late 2017 for our meals-on-wheels service and also medical escort assistance.

Mdm Lee has no savings. She depends on the little support her siblings are able to give her so she tries to be as thrifty as possible. To alleviate her financial burden, we waived all our charges for the services rendered. She does not hope for much but tries to live each day a time. 

To take her mind off things, she likes to do some colouring, handicraft, and play mobile phone games. She feels sad whenever she thinks of her sister, who is 63 this year and in a nursing home. “What will happen to her when | am not around?” 

Despite her circumstances, she tries to stay optimistic and is very grateful for the help that Dorcas has extended to her.

五十五岁的李女士,独居于一间三房式组屋。二十年前她就辞掉工作,在家里照顾多病的父母 ,姐姐也在那时候被诊断有抑郁症

李女士自幼就患有癫痫2013年,她就因为颈椎问题动了手术,之后便住进 了疗养院。2017年,她决定搬回自己家里住却发现 姐姐已经住进疗养院。三年前, 不幸的她又被诊断有糖尿病。

手术之后 , 李女士还是感觉双腿无力,不能久站。因为身体状况不佳,饮食和复诊成了问题 。 幸好2017年 ,李女士被 介绍给我们的多加护理服务。我们便开始为她提供送餐及复诊障同服务 。李女士没有积蓄 ,生活上全舒兄弟姐妹微薄的接济,她非常节俭 。为了减轻她的经济负担 ,我们免除了她所有的服务费 。 她非常 感激 多加给予的帮助

李女士平时喜欢做做手工打发时间 ,她时常会想起住在疗养院的姐姐,想知道她过得好不好。尽管这样,李女士还是一直保持着乐观的态度,积极面对每一天 。她相信明天会更好!

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