Eldercare Aide Training (EdCAT)

New Pathway to Work in a Eldercare Sector (for Persons with Disabilities)

Course Information

Module 1: Becoming an Eldercare Aide in Active Ageing Centre
This module provides an understanding of the eldercare service sector and the features of an Active Ageing Centre. Topics include roles and responsibilities of an Eldercare Aide, the multiple needs of the elderly and steps to communicate and interact effectively with the elderly clients

Module 2: Developing Basic Technical Skills and Competencies to be an Eldercare Aide
This module equips trainees with abilities in ensuring and maintaining the hygiene, cleanliness and day to day functioning of the centre’s physical environment and facilities. Trainees will learn to conduct daily safety and security checks and take necessary corrective measures when needed. Topics include providing administrative and logistic support for the conduct of the activities at the centre as well.

Module 3: Developing Further Technical Skills & Competencies to be an Effective Eldercare Aide
This module gives trainees an understanding of the Baseline Services at Centre and covers immediate First Aid in minor injuries. Trainees will also understand the key measures to undertake the rights of the elderly and uphold their dignity. Trainees will learn to perform basic tasks to take vital signs for the elderly. Other topics include safe and effective feeding and assistance of elderly clients with mobility problems.

Fees (Before GST)

Per programme: S$3500
Singapore citizens may receive financial help on fees if they meet eligibility criteria.


Trainees will undergo assessments in the form of individual and group projects, quizzes, oral questioning, role-plays and practical performances.


Award of Certificates


Certificate of Attendance (for each module)
For trainees who have attained ≥ 75% attendance


Certificate of Achievement (for each module)
For trainees who have attained ≥ 75% attendance, and passed all assessments

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