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Our centre allows your loved ones to interact, socialise and enjoy planned activities in a group setting while still receiving essential care services.

Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

As part of ensuring the health of our elderly patrons, our programme makes use of diverse types of health regimes, such as:

• Functional Mobility & Gait Training
• Active & Passive Exercises
• Caregiver Training & Client Education
• Community Integration Activities

Social and Recreational Activities

As we get older, we may find that we finally have more time to do the things
we’ve always wanted to do. For example, we could explore new hobbies. Unfortunately, some senior citizens do their hobbies alone, failing to interact with others. As a result, they suffer from isolation, which can also affect both their physical and mental well-being.

Meals & Transport

We provide meals (breakfast, lunch and 2 teabreaks).
Transport, if required, can be arranged. Additional charges will apply.

Daytime Care

Our care service starts from 7am and ends at 7pm. Rest assured
that your loved ones will be in good hands and will be well looked-after, so that they can live life to the fullest, regardless of age.

PCS Hannah Maintenance Day Care Service
Blk 21 Toh Yi Drive #02-601
Singapore 590021

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PCS Hannah Maintenance Day Care Service

Blk 21 Toh Yi Drive #02-601
Singapore 590021
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