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The PCS Institute of Special Programmes and Continual Equipping (iSPACE), established in March 2022, adopts a three-pronged community of equipping approach. It endeavours to anchor itself in less treaded space, where our expertise can help to close a gap and also to create a niche in this sector of equipping.

PCS iSPACE provides: 

  1. Special programmes for post-18 persons with disabilities/special needs
  2. Continual equipping and professional development for educators/professionals, and 
  3. Training for caregivers

PCS iSPACE philosophy:

The special needs community can be better served when we adopt a “Community of Equipping” approach.  For successful outcomes, special education must go beyond schooling years with life-long learning opportunities for continual equipping and employability. 

Special education too must include the equipping of educators/professionals with skills and knowledge to work with special needs and caregivers with skills in working with their children.

PCS iSPACE three-pronged community of equipping approach:

1st Prong: Curating Special Programmes for Post-18 persons with disabilities/special needs (PwDs) from SPED schools, opening up alternative pathways and providing lifelong learning in other vocational skills. An example is our successful implementation of the Educarer Aide Training (ECAT), which has given PCS the platform and experience to craft new curricula for this group of beneficiaries. PCS will continually scan the environment and industry sectors to open up more new training pathways for them.

2nd Prong: Offering evidence-based programmes such as Positive Behaviour SupportUniversal Design Learning, and Mediating Learning to educators/professionals. It will be done in partnership with well-established organisations who have proven to be experts in these strategies, approaches or programmes.  Programmes will be periodically reviewed to ensure educators and other professionals are equipped with relevant leading edge knowledge and that which has strategic relevance.

3rd Prong: Organising, facilitating, and conducting programmes such as Parents Plus for caregivers. Caregivers can be better supported when they are empowered with the needed parenting skills to care for and manage their children with disabilities/ special needs.


  • Educarer Aide Training (ECAT)
  • Introduction to Universal Design for Learning (UDL)
  • Parents Plus (Parents+)
  • Exclusive Seminar: ‘Multi-tiered System of Supports and Positive Behavioural Interventions & Supports’ by Dr Steve Goodman
  • GoodStart Early Childhood Intervention Conference


  1. ECAT Intake 5 in February 2023 (Course details here)
  2. Pilot run for staff of Eldercarer Aide Training in August 2022

Contact Information

Blk 372 Jurong East St 32 #01-400 S(600372)
Manager: Ms Toh Xiu Yong