Made for men: All-male music, outing groups draw more retired men to take part and make friends (The Straits Times, Dec 24 2023)

Estheritar is an all-male guitar interest group started by Esther AAC. The group, which was set up in November 2022 to engage older men, now has eight of them, including one who plays the harmonica.

“These classes not only offer opportunities for men to learn music but also provide a chance to socialise, enjoy food and establish lasting friendships,” said Mr Alvin Ho, manager at Presbyterian Community Services, which oversees Esther AAC and five other such centres.
“And studies have shown that at a later age, especially for men, you need to talk more. We need to start to be chatters. So this coming together really generates more talking.”

Esther AAC is among several centres starting activities catering to men to encourage their participation, as men are typically vastly outnumbered by women at these centres.

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