Passing the Baton of Service with Heart and Vision

A Fond Farewell and Deep Gratitude

For the past 12 years, Mr David Lim has faithfully led Presbyterian Community Services (PCS) through uncharted waters and times of change. 

Under his leadership, PCS Institute of Special Programmes and Continual Equipping (iSPACE) was birthed. iSPACE currently runs two programs equipping post-18 persons with special needs or disabilities to work in the preschool and eldercare sector. 

At the heart of PCS’ services, David always emphasised innovation, and placing our services further upstream by providing early detection and intervention. During the pandemic, he emphasised values-inspired culture as one of our strategic thrusts and the need for digitalisation of our services. 

Reflecting and Looking Ahead

As Singapore is set to attain super-aged status in 2026, David sees a pressing need to grow our Senior Services to better serve our elderly. Under his care, we grew to six Active Ageing Centres (AACs) today, with the latest AAC located at Potong Pasir.  

David also hopes that more will come alongside our Special Needs Services to support our ‘Community of Equipping’ approach. He believes that as more educators, allied professionals and caregivers in the sector are better supported, PCS will be able to provide more effective care for those with special needs. 

When asked what he celebrates and values the most, he replied that it is our staff. He said, “Reflecting through the years, what I appreciate most is the attitude of our people who have stretched themselves to touch lives more meaningfully. We need to find good people with good heart to do good and do better.” 

Embracing New Leadership

With more than 7 years with National Council of Social Service, Dr Andrew Lim who joined PCS on 20 May 2024 as Executive Director Designate will formally step into the role of Executive Director on 1 July. He brings a heart full of passion and a wealth of knowledge. 

He remains dedicated to the mission and vision of PCS to meet the challenges and needs of the community in Christian witness to touch lives. 

Approaching our 50th year of serving the community, we remember that PCS is built on the principles of compassion, faith, innovation, and a deep commitment. It is in this spirit that are stepping into our new season. 

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