There is Always Hope 人间有希望 #ChristmasAppeal2020

Mr Tan (not his real name), is a 64-year-old single gentleman who lives with his 60-year-old sister and 97-year old mother. He stopped working in 1994 after suffering from ankylosing spondylitis. It is a rare type of arthritis affecting the spine, and he can hardly lift his head now because of it. In 2016, he was also diagnosed with cancer in his right kidney. The chemotherapy to treat Mr Tan’s cancer took a toll on him and always leaves him weak after each treatment. Thankfully, he is able to draw strength from his sister’s support.

Mr Tan’s sister had to stop working as a nurse to take care of her family. She had to juggle with caregiving duties for her mother and it was difficult to her to accompany Mr Tan for his medical appointments.

Mr Tan was referred to DORCAS Home Care Service  for our Medical Escort and Transport Service in December 2018. Charges were waived as the family had no income and relied on little savings to sustain. Mr Tan cared a lot for his elderly mother. Each day, he looks forward to her coming back from the day care centre so that he can chat with her. Mr Tan’s only wish is that he can spend as much time as possible with his family. Hence, maintaining his health and well-being is of upmost importance. Even though his appointments are quite in high frequency, we would do our best to ensure he does not miss out on his medical follow-ups.

陈先生(假名)是一位64岁的单身人士。他与60岁的妹妹和97岁的年老母亲一起住。 由于强直性脊柱炎导致背部疼痛难受,他在1994年便无法继续工作。2016年,他被诊断出有肾癌。他必须定期去看医生,接受化学疗法。 每次疗程后他都会感到虚弱。但他还是坚持接受治疗,希望病情不在恶化。

陈先生的妹妹成为一家人的经济及精神支柱。 然而,为了照顾年迈的母亲和哥哥,她在2010年也停止工作。




DORCAS Home Care Service provides frail seniors with transport to their medical appointments with the accompaniment of a care-staff. To the staff of Dorcas, each trip is not just a service to the needy, but also a journey together to find hope and encouragement. 

With your donations, we can continue to support our frail and unwell seniors to continue to age-in-place healthily, in the company of their family members. Thank you for your generous support!

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