She dreamed of becoming a teacher 她梦想成为一名教师 #EasterAppeal2022

When Sofia’s (not her real name) primary school teachers discovered that she had mild learning disabilities, she thought her dreams of becoming a teacher were dashed forever. But thanks to the PCS Educarer Aide Training (ECAT) programme, now she can!

ECAT opened up an alternative career pathway for Sofia by equipping her with the relevant skills and knowledge. She can now learn at her own pace, with lessons tailored to her learning needs.

Today, Sofia is an assistant teacher at a leading preschool, serving the early childhood and care industry, where she is appreciated for the support she gives to her colleagues.

“The best part of my job is when the children call me Teacher. I remember all their names and they miss me when I am on leave.” Sofia proudly declares.

“Previously, I worked in a factory folding paper cartons. It is a dream come true to work in a childcare centre! I am so happy to be financially independent as I am planning for my wedding. I can use the skills I learnt when I have my own children too.”

Sofia acknowledges that many people have helped her along the way – her ECAT trainers, programme designers, preschool colleagues, friends, family, and generous donors such as yourself!

“I hope my friends who also love children will have the same opportunity like me. I hope they don’t have to worry about paying for the training.” With a heart full of gratitude, Sofia donated part of her first month’s salary to the ECAT programme. We would like to invite you to be a generous blessing to the ECAT trainees and our other clients of all ages in the community as well.

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当苏菲亚(化名)在小学高年级时被老师发现患有 轻微的学习障碍,她以为自己成为老师的梦想将永 远破灭了。幸有《婴幼儿保育助理培训计划》(简 称ECAT)- 她的梦想实现了!

ECAT是一套量身定做的课程,让苏菲亚按照自己的节奏来学习。当授予技能和知识便为她开创了另 一条崭新的职业道路。

如今,苏菲亚成为一位自豪的《婴幼儿保育助理》 ,任职于一家学前教育中心,和她搭档的老师非常 感激苏菲亚给予的支持和协作。

“当孩子们叫我老师时,那是我工作中最美妙的时 刻。班里所有孩子的名字我都细心牢记。当我休假时他们也会想念我。” 苏菲亚自豪地说道。

“以往,我在一家工厂从事折纸箱的工作。如今, 能到学前中心工作真是梦想成真!我很高兴在筹划 自己的婚礼时能够经济独立。而且,当我有自己的 孩子时也可以使用这些所学的技能。”

苏菲亚在此历程中受惠于许多人,如 ECAT 的老师、培训筹划团队、托儿所同事们、朋友和家人, 还有像您这样热心的捐献者。

我希望其他喜欢孩子的朋友们都能拥有同样的机会,也不必担心培训的费用。” 苏菲亚怀着感恩的心,将她第一个月的部分薪水捐给了 ECAT

我们谨此邀请您慷慨解囊以造福《婴幼儿保育助理 培训计划》(ECAT) 和《长老会社区服务》(PCS) 所照顾各年龄的受惠人士。


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