Renewed Zest For Life! 重燃生命意志 #NationalDayAppeal2021

This National Day, meet Mr Song. Hidden behind his mask is a lovely smile, but he was not always like this…

Mr Song (not his real name) injured his left leg severely in a car accident back in 1982. Although he received surgery and continued working, his leg began to act up about 10 years ago. This affected his mobility and daily activities like getting his meals.

The pain he experienced daily also kept him from wanting to interact with others. By the time he got acquainted with PCS Martha Seniors Activity Centre (SAC), Mr Song had become quite the loner.

The staff of PCS Martha SAC made it their immediate priority to apply to the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) for meals to be delivered to his doorstep daily. Staff and volunteers began to follow up with him regularly. When they learnt of his interest in gardening, they got him some seeds and tools to get him started.

Today, at 64, Mr Song is much happier and more optimistic than before. “Previously, when we called him, he would ask if we were calling just to check if he was “still breathing”,” says Amy Le, Community Support Executive at PCS Martha SAC. “But in recent conversations, he has really opened up and even jokes with us.” He has gotten closer to staff and appreciates the friendships he has formed.

Mr Song now visits the centre a few times a week for his newspaper reading, has started participating in more activities organised by the centre, and makes sure to water his potted plant (which he thoughtfully put in a sunlit spot) daily.

根据TODAY发表的一篇文章,2020 年自杀率创下8年 来新高,年长者的自杀率更达到了1991年的最高点。 社会孤立是导致此社会隐忧的关键因素。

1982年,宋先生(化名)的左腿在一场车祸中严重受 伤,尽管他接受了手术并继续工作,但是他的腿在大 约10年前开始恶化,造成行动不便,连日常活动,如 饮食的安排都成问题。日复一日的痛苦经历使他远离 人群。当他初次来到长老会社区服务属下的马大乐龄 活动中心时俨然成为一位孤独者。

长老会社区服务马大乐龄活动中心员工立即向护联中 心 (AIC) 提出申请每日餐饮配送服务,解决当务之急。

员工和志工也经常跟进宋先生的情况。当他们得知宋先 生喜爱园艺后就为他添置种子和工具让他开始种植。

如今,64岁的宋先生比以前更加快乐和乐观。马大乐龄活动中心主管,李施芳说道:“以往,我们打电话 给他时,他会问我们是否是为了确保他‘还在呼吸’。 但是现在他可以敞开心扉和我们畅谈,甚至还会和我们 开玩笑。”

他与员工们的关系日益密切,情谊也与日俱增。宋先生 每周都会到中心看报几次,并开始参加中心的多项活动, 除外,他悉心地将盆栽放在阳光下,每日灌溉。

宋先生在马大乐龄 活动中心看报。

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