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Being unable to see is scary. Yet, for the past five years, Mdm Sidin has had to rely on one blurry left eye to do everything. At 78 years old, she suffers from glaucoma, which has made her right eye completely blind. Despite two operations, doctors could not save her vision.

Mdm Sidin now moves around in a slow shuffle and relies on her hearing to “watch” TV programmes. In 2017, AIC referred Mdm Sidin to Presbyterian Community Services (PCS). Since then, Dorcas Home Care Services (Dorcas) of PCS has been providing her with our Medical Escort and Transport (MET) service.

Although she has two devoted nieces who check in on her weekly, they cannot accompany her to regular medical checkups as those usually take place during working hours.

“Medical appointments usually take two to three hours but sometimes follow up tests can make it take up to seven hours! These seniors don’t have money to take a taxi also,” says Ms Annie Tan (featured on the cover), the PCS Dorcas staff who frequently escorts Mdm Sidin to her checkups.

Seniors with mobility and financial constraints, such as Mdm Sidin, are often tempted to skip medical checkups. However, missing regular checkups can lead to serious health complications.

Our MET service exists to fulfil the pressing need of such seniors. A wheelchair-accessible van, a driver and a PCS Dorcas staff are all needed to make each trip possible.

Many more seniors like Mdm Sidin and clients of various ages and needs are on our waiting list. Our resources are stretched. Please donate so that we can provide a full suite of services to all who need them!

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看不见是可怕的。但在过去的五年里,Sidin女士 只能凭借着一只模糊的左眼来活动。78岁的Sidin 女士患有青光眼,导致其右眼完全失明。尽管做了 两次手术,医生还是挽救不了她的视力。

为此,Sidin女士只能以缓慢的方式来匍匐前行并 用聆听”看”电视。AIC于2017年将 Sidin女士转介 给长老会社区服务(PCS)。从那一刻起,PCS多加 家居护理服务(Dorcas)不间断地为她提供医疗 护送服务。

虽然她的两个敬业的侄女每周会探望她一次,但她 们不能陪她进行定期体检,因为检查通常发生在工 作时间。

经常陪伴 Sidin 女士就诊的 PCS Dorcas 职员,陈安妮说道:“预约看诊通常需要费时2-3 小时, 有时更长达5-7小时。而且,他们也无法负担德士 费”。

像Sidin女士这样行动不便且经济拮据的老人往往 不接受定期体检,但是这可能会导致健康问题,引 发并发症。

PCS医疗护送服务旨在符合这些乐龄人士的实际需 求。为了提供这项服务,我们需要轮椅可通行车辆 、司机和PCS的员工。

PCS还有更多像Sidin女士以及不同年龄和需求的 受益人在等候名单中。我们目前的资源捉襟见肘。 为使这有意义的服务受惠于更多人,我们需要您的 支持,以提供更全面及完善的服务。请慷慨捐赠!


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