Give women with disabilities more career prospects 给予残疾女士更多的就业机会 #ChristmasAppeal2022

Cheryl was diagnosed with Leukemia four years ago. Her life was turned upside down overnight. Multiple rounds of chemotherapy weakened her immune system and she lost most of her eyesight from a viral infection.

She could no longer work like before. When her health finally stabilised, she started working as an ad hoc server or kitchen helper; nevertheless, she yearned for a more permanent work arrangement.

Thankfully, the Educarer Aide Training (ECAT) programme helped her to achieve that. “The ECAT programme has brought me back to my feet and got me going again,” says Cheryl.

“The intensive training programme has prepared me well and enabled me to secure a 1-year contract with PCF Sparkletots as an Assistant Teacher. “ECAT has also greatly improved my quality of life, especially with my husband and children,” says Cheryl. “I am grateful for how this course has helped me to overcome the devastating effects of my health failure and find hope for the future.”

“Every day to me now is a bonus,” says Cheryl. “The ECAT programme has helped me in a new journey of life. It is a new start. I have a new job. I have something to look forward to everyday instead of staying at home.”

The ECAT programme by Presbyterian Community Services’ (PCS) Special Needs Services equips girls and women with disabilities to work as assistant teachers in preschools, while filling a need for manpower in the preschool sector.

Please support PCS so that we can take in more clients of all ages, through services and programmes such as ECAT. Read more about what we do in the green portion overleaf.

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她再也不能像以前那样工作。直到病情稳定后,她才能在餐馆或者厨房做临时工。然而,她依然渴望能有份更稳定的工作。所幸,ECAT课程帮她达成愿望。Cheryl 说,“ECAT 给我机会重新振作起来。

ECAT深入的培训课程给我的就业做准备,它帮助获得行动党社区基金(PCF)Sparkletots 幼儿园的助理教师的一年就业机会。所以ECAT课程大大地改善我的生活质量,因此我的丈夫和孩子也受益不浅。”Cheryl说道。“我很感谢这个课程帮助我克服疾病对我的巨大伤害,同时也给我带来新的希望。

“对我来说,能够活着就已经是庆幸了。每一天的到来就如新的礼物,” Cheryl 又说。“ECAT 课程帮我重新开启我的生命旅程。这是个新的开始。它给我新的工作和新的期待,我再也不再毫无目的地呆在家里。”

这个PCS举办的 ECAT 课程给予有残疾的女性在幼儿园当教师助理的技能。同时,ECAT也能够缓和幼教行业的人力短缺的问题。



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