Enable seniors to age with vitality in the community! 活跃乐龄: 在社区中促进积极养老!#EasterAppeal2024

Mdm Catherine Lim, 86, has always enjoyed leading an active lifestyle. She often participated in activities at the Presbyterian Community Services (PCS) Esther Active Ageing Centre (AAC) to keep her body and mind nimble. She especially enjoyed the ukulele classes at Esther AAC.

However last year, she experienced a sudden pain in her knee, which has greatly affected her mobility. “It really feels torturous for me as I love being active,” shared Mdm Lim. 

When the Centre Head at PCS Esther AAC, Ms Amy Le, heard of Mdm Lim’s leg injury, she made sure to follow up via phone calls with Mdm Lim on her condition. “We make sure to stay connected with our members and check in occasionally should they need any assistance at home,” says Ms Le.

“Amy called me, and when I told her that my toilet bidet was leaking, she sent a volunteer to fix it for me. I’m thankful for that,” says Mdm Lim.

“We can even have haircuts at the centre so I don’t have to take the bus on my own with the wheelchair. I cannot bend down, so they even helped me to cut my toenails. I’m so grateful.” 

Just like how our staff has supported Mdm Lim, there are many more members of all ages who need support. 

Your donation will help in the provision of our full suite of services.

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向来都保持活跃,享受积极生活的86岁Mdm Catherine Lim是《长老会社区服务》以斯帖活跃乐龄中心的会员,经常参加中心主办的活动以保持身体和头脑灵活。她特别喜欢上尤克里里的课程。

然而,去年她突然感到膝盖疼痛,导致行动不便,连走路都需要靠人搀扶。“我是个好动的人,就因为膝盖疼痛,什么活动都参与不了,我感到很痛苦,”Mdm Lim 分享。

当《长老会社区服务》以斯帖活跃乐龄中心负责人Amy Le 获知Mdm Lim的情况后,便通过电话了解,慰问並继续跟进她的状况

Amy表示,我们确保与中心的会员们保持联并不时查看他们在家中是否需要协助。Mdm Lim也讲到向Amy提起家中厕所的喷水器坏了,Amy便派志工上门维修,在此她要特别感谢Amy。

Mdm Lim还说道,“我还可以到中心去理发,省了坐着轮椅搭公车的不便。志工们还因为我无法弯下身子,帮我修剪脚指甲,我真的非常感激他们。”

其实还有很多不同年龄阶层的成员需要像我们给予Mdm Lim那样的协助。



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