Delivering Meals, Saving Lives 送餐服务中的生命链 #ChristmasAppeal2021

“When my colleague went to deliver dinner to Mdm Cheong one Sunday, she saw that the bento we delivered earlier during lunch was still hanging on her gate”, recounts Mr Michael Foo, Manager at PCS Dorcas Home Care Services.

“As she knocked on the gate, she heard a faint sound asking for help.” Fearing the worst, the PCS Dorcas staff tried to open the door and found it unlocked.

As she entered, she saw the senior on the floor and immediately contacted 995. The elderly was admitted to NUH hospital and subsequently instituted.

The staff of PCS Dorcas Home Care Services have encountered many similar situations while delivering meals to the elderly. Some were found on the floor after a fall, or on their bed, too sick to even get help. The danger is that many of these elderly live alone. The Department of Statistics estimates that 83,000 elderly persons will be living alone by 2030 as compared to the 47,000 seniors in 2016.

“As many of the elderly are living alone, our Meals-On-Wheels service helps us to look out for their safety at home. Each packet of meals not taken by the elderly, act as an alarm for us,” says Philip Lim, Care Coordinator at Dorcas Home Care Service.

Your donation will go a long way in helping us continue our services for the frail and vulnerable elderly, providing care services that enable them to age-in-place (living in the residence of their choice, for as long as they are able to).

“有一个星期天,当我的同事去送晚饭时,她看到 午餐时送来的便当还挂在一位乐龄女士的门口”, 长老会社区服务 (PCS)多加家居护理服务 (Dorcas Home Care Service) 经理符芳燊先生回 忆。符经理在长老会社区服务工作了14年。

“当她敲门时,从门后听到微弱的求救声,”觉得 有些不对劲,PCS Dorcas Home Care Service 的工作人员试图把门打开,却发现门其实没有锁。

进屋后,看到老人躺在地上,立即拨电995。救护 车把老人送进了医院。

PCS Dorcas Home Care Service 的工作人员在 每天两次为老人送餐时,也曾经遇到很多类似的情 况。

有些乐龄人士跌倒或晕倒后躺在地板,或病到无法 移动或寻求帮助。

独居老人在家里的起居饮食可能会面对很多隐忧。 新加坡的统计局估计的数字,在 2016 年,65 岁 及以上的独居老人有 47,000 名,到 2030 年,这 数字将升至 83,000 名。

护理协调员林义强先生说,“由于许多老人独自生 活,我们的膳食派送 (Meals-on-Wheels) 服务 也间接的帮助照顾他们在家中的安全。每一包留在 门外的饭菜能为我们及时行动和拯救生命。”

您的捐款将帮助我们继续为这些体弱多病的老年人 提供服务,支持年长者在独居的同时,能够生活得 平安和安全。

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